Research Community to Improve Your Research Skills

We have a wonderful community where we discuss all topics related to improving research processes. The main goals of this community focus on raising questions and developing strategies to improve all research processes from the earliest stages (Bachelor, Master), through doctoral and postdoctoral levels, up to senior researcher positions. We discuss finding funding opportunities and applying for them, writing scientific articles, working on patents, etc.

We also discuss research in non-academic settings, since research should not be exclusive for Academia or should not it be necessary to hold even a Degree to do it.

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Testimonies from community members

I think this is a very interesting and necessary initiative. Congratulations, Horacio, for taking the lead and offering it to the community. Today, everyone talks about the knowledge-education-innovation triangle. However, few point out that we have had to transfer knowledge without any help and that there is still unfunded research that is truly research. And that because it is not funded, it seems not to be up to par. Neither science is only what the law promotes, and funds, nor is only researchable and viable what is evaluated by agencies. It is very important to know what requirements each level of development and proposal has and know how to obtain positive results and impact.

Warm regards