Who am I

Welcome to the website of Horacio Pérez-Sánchez, a researcher with more than 20 years of experience in research in academia and industry; more than 200 scientific articles, more than 20 projects as Principal Investigator, and more than 6.000.000€ of funding attracted.

Assistance in academic and industrial research

I have demonstrated experience in personalized help, support and coaching to other researchers at any stage (undergraduate students, PhD students, postdocs, Principal Investigators, etc) and in all their research related critical areas. I can help you with the following problems in any research area:

  • How to get your scientific articles published in high impact factor journals?
    • Planning, structuring and writing
    • Review process
  • How to be successful at obtaining national and/or international funding for your research projects?
    • Search for the grant calls
    • Preparation and initial planning of all necessary documents
    • Search for national and/or international necessary project partners
    • Writing successful project proposals
    • Help and support in the pre and post application process
  • How to efficiently supervise and manage your ongoing projects to achieve all your objectives?
    • Analysis and follow-up of all project tasks and members
    • Proposal of measures to solve key project problems
    • Project justification and performance reports and reviews
  • How to increase your productivity and researcher and reduce your stress?
    • Personal time management
    • Stress management
    • Leadership techniques for efficient group work
    • Efficient communication skills

Assistance on structural bioinformatics

I have been doing research for 20 years in the areas of structural bioinformatics, computational chemistry, supercomputing and drug discovery, where I have published in high impact factor journals, obtained and licensed patents and attracted funding as PI for academic and industrial projects. I can help you with the following problems:

  • How to discover bioactive compounds in diverse contexts (pharmacological, nutraceutical, agricultural, etc)?
  • How to propose and validate molecular models for biological systems?
  • How to drastically accelerate running complicated and expensive calculations?
  • How to provide access to complex scientific tools for users with no computing background?


For any question regarding my consultancy services or if you want to receive more information you can contact me through email, or telegram.