Bianca is devoted to aiding researchers in structuring their knowledge through personal knowledge management methods and idea management systems. These techniques play a crucial role in fostering sense-making and the generation of insights, both of which are critical in conducting research.

Early in her career, Bianca faced challenges due to an inappropriate mindset and inadequate knowledge management practices. However, the discovery of a suitable approach empowered her to persevere and succeed in her research endeavors.

Currently, Bianca spearheads a five-month mentorship program that instructs researchers on effectively articulating and structuring their thoughts into notes that concentrate on individual concepts. This strategy enables researchers to conveniently locate and generate knowledge when crafting research outputs.

Bianca emphasizes the importance of adopting the right mindset as a preliminary step before selecting the appropriate tools. The transition from passive document note-taking to active idea note-taking can be challenging, yet the organization of thoughts can significantly enhance the sense-making process.

Looking forward, Bianca recognizes the potential of artificial intelligence in supplementing note-taking and knowledge management. Nevertheless, she asserts that researchers must continue to be the primary generators of their own ideas and insights. This is a topic she intends to explore in her upcoming PhD research.

Bianca utilizes metaphors to illustrate her research process, comparing it to navigating uncharted waters. She likens the initial stage of research to standing on a safe pier, before venturing into the unknown. The outcome of a researcher’s work then becomes a map for others to follow.

In essence, Bianca’s mission is to assist researchers in enhancing their knowledge management practices. She strives to help them construct an effective idea management system that organizes insights, promotes sense-making, and simplifies the process of drafting research outputs from well-organized notes.

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