Assistance in research

I have demonstrated experience in providing personalized, artisanal, and dedicated assistance to other researchers at any level (undergraduate students, pre-doctoral, postdoc, principal investigator, etc.) and in all phases of their research. I can help you with the following problems and in any area of research:

  • How to get your scientific articles accepted in high-impact journals?
    • Writing
    • Review processes
  • How to get your research projects funded in competitive national and international calls?
    • Search for funding calls
    • Initial preparation and planning of necessary documentation and procedures
    • Search for necessary partners at national and international levels
    • Writing of projects in all phases
  • How to efficiently manage your current research projects to achieve the proposed objectives?
    • Analysis and tracking of all tasks and project members
    • Proposal and proposal of measures to solve problems
    • Justifications and performance reports
  • How to increase your productivity as a researcher and reduce your stress?
    • Personal time management
    • Personal knowledge management (PKM), Zettelkasten, Obsidian
    • Stress management
    • Leadership and teamwork techniques
    • Effective communication techniques

If you are interested in learning more about these services and want to schedule a video call with me to inform you, click here.