In addition to the general group, this community of researchers is organized into different groups so that it is easier to follow conversations by area. To do this, we follow (for now) the classification proposed by Frascati in 2015 and therefore have the following groups, which you can join by clicking on the corresponding group number:

  • Group 1, Natural Sciences: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Biology.
  • Group 2, Engineering and Technology: Civil Engineering and related fields, Electrical and electronic engineering and related fields, and other engineering fields.
  • Group 3, Medical Sciences: Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Health Sciences.
  • Group 4, Agricultural Sciences: Agriculture, Veterinary.
  • Group 5, Social Sciences: Psychology, Economics, Education Sciences, Others.
  • Group 6, Humanities: History, Language and Literature, Philosophy, Art, Others.

In addition, we also have groups:

  • Technology transfer.
  • Research dissemination.