Course to increase scientific productivity

In research, the main goal is usually to achieve high scientific productivity, which impacts as many sectors and people as possible and allows for maximum funding.

This process is like a snake biting its tail: if a group publishes little, it will be worse evaluated and will not receive resources to continue researching.

This happens often, and many researchers become frustrated, even throwing in the towel.

But fortunately, there are other research groups with fruitful lines of research manage to obtain funding from various sources. These groups usually have the same scientific capacity as those that do not obtain funding, but they differ from them in something very important: strategic planning.

Thus, adequate strategic planning can drastically increase your productivity or that of your group.

If you want to know how, here I bring you a course that includes very powerful and proven productivity strategies by many researchers. These techniques have helped me publish about 200 articles when put into practice.

When you follow this audio course, you will understand how you can effectively increase research productivity.

When you buy this course, the price will depend on the date:

  • 29€ from November 14th to 20th
  • 39€ from November 21st to 27th
  • 49€ November 28th to December 4th
  • 59€ from December 5th to 11th
  • 69€ from December 12th to 18th

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